Tasting Wine

Learn How to Taste your Wine like a Professional | taught by Sam H. Spiegel
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Sam H. Spiegel
Sam H. Spiegel
WSTE Certified

About the instructor

Sam H. Spiegel is French, lives in the UK and has a passion for wines.  

Sam has studied wines and spirits with London oldest and legendary wine merchants Berry Brothers & Rudd, in their historic London wine cellars

Sam is WSET certified. He was awarded the WSET Level 2 Awards in 2014 (The Wine and Spirit Education Trust) after passing his examination with Distinction.

Sam H. Spiegel currently works as a sommelier, specialising in French wines. 


Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting  contains an innovative and easy to follow method that teaches you how to use your senses (sight, smell, taste) to taste  wine like a pro, and truly appreciate your wines. 

Being able to taste and appreciate wine is - for the wine enthusiast - an essential practice. 

Initially, the process of tasting wine may appear daunting and intimidating to the beginner, but, with the help of this course and experience, it soon becomes a habit and a true pleasure.

With the course Tasting Wine, you learn how to approach your wines like the professionals do. The colours, aromas and flavours of the wines will be revealed to you.

When tasting a wine with our method, you learn how to put impressions into words using an adequate vocabulary allowing you to share your opinions and feelings between friends or fellow guests.

The ANTS Method

This original tasting method, named the ANTS method, takes you through the complete process of tasting wine, using photographs, pictures, tables and videos.


Topics and subjects covered:

  • What is wine?
  • A quick history of wine
  • Wine tasting
  • How to prepare for tasting
  • The room where the tasting takes place
  • Your nose and palate
  • The different glasses for drinking wine
  • The tasting method: the ANTS method.
  • A - Aspect - How the wine looks
  • Clarity
  • Intensity
  • Hue
  • N - Nose - What the wine smells like
  • Condition
  • Intensity
  • Aromas
  • T – Taste – On the palate
  • Sweetness
  • Acidity
  • Tannins
  • Aromatic flavours
  • Body of the wine
  • Finish of the wine
  • S - Summary - Your conclusions
  • Is your wine balanced?
  • Is your wine expressive?
  • Complexity of a wine
  • How to read a label
  • How and why to keep tasting notes

Course Contents

18 Videos
30 Texts
4 PDFs

Course Curriculum